The Iron Garden

I realized something as I was uploading these pictures: somehow, I managed to capture the gloomy side of a perfect spring day... I wasn't even feeling gloomy!

In fact, I had gardens in my mind. That's the reason we ended up at a place where architectural salvage & antique garden decorations are sold.

There, the path takes you through a beautiful, ivy covered mess of weathered statues & old wrought-iron fences. A heaven of tarnish and patina, ranging from teal green to rusty orange.

We daydreamed of a time when we'll be able to plan our own shaded, mysterious garden.

A garden that blooms at night—moon gardens, I think they're called—with the beauty of moss, dew, and crickets...

See? Flowers! This is a Spring post after all.

Hobensack & Keller may be a timeless place of statues & evergreen foliage,  but once you leave it, you are reminded that spring is finally taking place.

Never before was I so happy to see signs of spring!
It has been a long, long winter, but now bird voices & tiny blooms fill my walks...

Adventures in Moss Collecting.

On a week day, the towpath is the quietest place to be.

During the winter months it was covered in snow and mud, making the way hard to negotiate, but now is the perfect place to be if you want to spot early signs of spring.

Lambertville, towpath

I can report, ethereal little handfuls of Lily of the Valley are starting to shoot up around people's fences.

Yesterday it was warm and smelled like imminent rain... my kind of weather!
I just had to rush out there with my Official Moss Collecting Kit. (Don't get too excited, it's just tupperware + a tiny garden spade)

I wandered between the watery canal & the never-ending stonewall that contains people's sloped backyards...

In the towpath, you will occasionally come across dogs and their jogging masters, who always smile and say hello.

My mossarium had been waiting for new specimens... and I had been dying to get a day like this one. Luckily I live in a place where moss grows everywhere. I do make sure I'm not defacing anyone's yard (or even curb) when looking for green treasure :)

Speaking of treasure: in addition to 2 kinds of moss, I found a luscious little twig covered in lichen and what a think is a 3rd moss species.

I made sure to collect soil in addition to the moss. That way, I can recreate their original environment in each moss dish.

Interesting how different their personalities are... One grows in dark soil, the other in yellowish clay.

They're undergoing a quarantine process right now. Something you have to deal with when collecting your own moss are earthworms, and friends of that sort. They're stand up fellows, don't get me wrong! I just don't feel like they belong in a very small, enclosed terrarium.

Glad you came by!
I wish you warmth and treasure, wherever you are.


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