Museums: Life in the Farmstead.

the kitchen

Welcome to the Holcombe-Jimison place! 

This is a farmstead turned museum the HusbandFish + I visited some time back. It's a stone's throw away from where we live! This is the kind of stuff we get excited about: old tractors (we love those!) and folks in period garb, reenacting life as it was in bygone times. 

plowing the field with horses

There, surrounded by rural lands, several restored buildings face each other around a green, lightly trodden patch.
You'll find an old-timey post office, a general goods store, the carriage shed, barber & blacksmith shops... 

the print shop

... the woodworking and print shops (that unique smell of ink on metal!), an old doctor/dentist office, and a vast barn filled with all sorts of wonderful, puzzling agricultural artifacts.

Everywhere there were coppery hens, pecking at invisible things in the grass.
And there were the ladies from The Herb Society of America, and beekeepers with their luscious bee hives.

Nature Inspiration: Underwater Creatures.

I could easily spend all day looking at nudibranchs! These wonderful underwater mollusks challenge convention with their super delicate alien shapes.
When I'm feeling stuck with color, unable to decide, I turn to Nature for some showy examples.
So much wonder lurking underwater!

Yellow Nudibranch (such a bunny!)
Nembrotha kubaryana, Variable Neon Slug, Nudibranch,
Nembrotha kubaryana (aka Variable Neon Slug)
Red Nudibranch (Gymnodoris Aurita)
Donut Nudibranch

These are from my Pinterest board "Inspired by Nature"

The Iron Garden

Somehow, I've managed to photograph the darker side of a perfect spring day...
I wasn't even feeling gloomy when I took these!

In fact, I had gardens in my mind. That's the reason we ended up at a place where architectural salvage & antique garden decorations are sold.

There, the path takes you through a beautiful, ivy covered mess of weathered statues & old wrought-iron fences. A heaven of tarnish and patina, ranging from teal green to rusty orange.

We daydreamed of a time when we'll be able to plan our own shaded, mysterious garden.

A garden that blooms at night—moon gardens, I think they're called—with the beauty of moss, dew, and crickets...

See? Flowers! This is a Spring post after all.

Hobensack & Keller may be a timeless place of statues & evergreen foliage,  but once you leave it, you are reminded that spring is finally taking place.

Never before was I so happy to see signs of spring!
It has been a long, long winter, but now bird voices & tiny blooms fill my walks...