Our Paper Campsite.

Some things just linger in your mind.
I kept coming cross this empty box & thinking of a forest I drew... Eventually the idea came to me.

This is what I made as a surprise for the husband fish—

paper trees, paper art, weird amiga, weirdamiga, diorama

Different weights of paper, cut into foliage.

Just me.

Paper fire, dancing on paper logs.

The husband-fish, storytelling.

paper diorama,weirdamiga, weird amiga, illustrated diorama

Surprise! Here we are, curled up by a fire, among the overlapping trees. Living the life.

Usually, we don't pay much attention to V-day (except for the time he surprised me with a romantic fort!) but in this case it coincided with the husband fish coming back from a long trip, so I wanted to cheer him up.

I should probably give them little scarves... It looks chilly in there!