The Desktop Calendar for November is Here!

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This is what November looks like!

The animals are in for the winter, wild birds have flocked away, and we get to bundle up and rejoice indoors, after the harvest.

1920 x 1080 - download here

And not a minute too early: yesterday we had the first snow of the year! 
It lasted well into the night, and brought about a hinterland... 

1600 x 1200 Mac - download here

So steady and quiet, and white...

1600 x 1200 PC - download here

The illustration for this month is one of my definite favorites!
Just choose the version that better suits the proportions & icons placement on your own screen.

And while we're on the subject: I'm openly in love with my desktop icons... I just don't tire of  them —they're perfect! 

Judge for yourself.

Maybe because icons themselves can be so cool, I take them into account when creating these wallpapers. They shouldn't be obscured by the background anyway...

Stand for the rights of all icon-folk!  :)